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Attics Need to Breathe. Your Home Inspector Will Go Up There and Examine Conditions

attic ventilation diagram

A well ventilated attic keeps a house comfortable.

That pointy space over your house is called the attic. Most of us never go there, or even think about it. But it is an interior space and all interior spaces in this climate need to be ventilated. Moisture can always get in!! We need to let it out, or mold and mildew will grow and grow.  And you don’t want that.

If an attic is under-ventilated it will be damp in the winter, which can damage the wood, and it will be very hot in the summer, which can make even an insulated house uncomfortable.
Your experienced home inspector will go into this space, smell it, measure the moisture and check the vents.  Attics need a place for air to get in and a place for air to get out.  This is called ventilation.  Attics need to breathe.

This is one part of the house that is mostly an afterthought for homeowners or buyers because it's not an obviously visible part of a home's functioning. But an experience home inspector will know what to look out for.

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