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Repair and Reno Costs

Install gas mid efficiency furnace
3,000 – 4000
Install gas high efficiency furnace
3,550 - 5,500
Replace furnace fan
500 - 800
Install chimney liner
600 - 800
Install oil furnace
(includes tank)
5,500 and up
Install new oil tank
1,000 - 1,500
Remove old oil tank
(not in ground)
200 -350
Install complete forced air system
8,500 and up
Heat recovery ventilator
2,500 and up ea
Air source heat pump
5,500 - 8,500
Air conditioning on existing ductwork
3,500 - 5,000
Replace a compressor
Annual service
furnace/air conditioning
3,000 – 4000
Install drywall over plaster
3.00 -4.50/sq.ft
Remove old plaster & install new drywall (also, you may want to increase insulation and/or add vapour barrier at the same time.)
4.25 - 6.00 sq.ft.
Spray stipple on ceiling
Install suspended ceiling
4.50 – 6.50/sq.ft
Install drywall on studs
2.00 - 450/sq.ft
Install hardwood floors
7.00 sq.ft and up
Sand and re-stain hardwood
3.00 - 5.50/sq.ft
Install ceramics inc. sub floor
11.00/sq.ft. and up
Install sheet vinyl
8.50/sq.ft. & up
Install gas fireplace
3,000 and up
Install wood stove inc. flue
2,500 and up
Sweep a chimney
Install central vacuum system
800 and up
Install a door closer (Man door)
100- 150
Install a garage door opener
Install aluminium eaves trough
3.00 - 4.00 lin. ft
Install aluminium/vinyl siding
3.00 – 5.00 sq. ft
Install stucco
6.50 - 11.00 sq. ft
Install brick
11.00 sq. ft and up
Install parging
3.00 sq. ft and up
Install stone
20.00sq. ft and up
Install a deck (cedar)
45 sq. ft and up
Install gas high efficiency furnace
3,000 – 4000
Install a deck (cedar)
45 sq. ft and up
Install a deck (Pressure treated)
20 sq. ft and up
Re-surface asphalt driveway
5 - 8 sq. ft
Install interlocking brick
12 sq. ft. and up
Install a drain at bottom of a sloped drive
1,500 and up
Underpin or add foundations.
(minimum 5,000)
350 - 4350 lin. ft
Replace sill beam
100 and up lin. ft
Replace main beam in basement
1,500 and up
Install tele-post with foundation
Insect inspection
250-350 and up
Seal vertical crack - concrete wall interior
250 and up
Ditto but exterior method
400 and up
Build an addition (2 story)
250 sq. ft. and up
Build a single garage
12,000 and up
Install gas high efficiency furnace
12,000 and up
Build a double garage
16,000 and up
Fill in a swimming pool
8,000 and up
Roofing, Flashing and Chimney
Strip and re-roof - asphalt shingles
4.00 – 6.50 sq. ft.
Asphalt shingles over existing
(Not recommended)
3 - 4.50 sq. ft.
Strip/replace tar and gravel roof
5 -8.00 sq. ft.
Install new concrete tiles
(But you may need additional structural support here)
9.00 sq. ft. and up
Install cedar shakes/shingles
7 - 9.00 sq. ft.
Install new slate roof
10 - 20.00 sq. f
New flashings for standard chimney
Install saddle or cricket at chimney
Re flash standard skylight
Repair valley flashings
20- 35 lin. ft.
Re build masonry chimney from roof up
200 lin ft
Ditto but double flue pipe
250 lin. ft
Re-point masonry chimney
70 per hour
Install concrete concrete cap
Install metal chimney cap
Install metal liner for gas appliance
Install insulated flue
(Wood stove)
1,500 and up
Replace main water shut off valve
Replace toilet seal
125- 175
Replace electric hot water tank
650 and up
Install new septic system
9,000 and up
Dig up and replace failed septic system tile bed
11,000 and up
Two yearly pump out
175- 350
Replace service pipe in street
300/lin.ft and up
Replace galvanized pipes with copper:
Bungalow - 1 bathroom
2,000 and up
Bungalow - 2 bathroom
3,000 and up
Two story - 2 bathrooms
5,000 and up
Install bathroom fan
250 and up
Install bathroom fan and humidistat
300 and up
Replace leaking shower pan
1000 and up
Install solid waste pump and tank for basement bathroom or laundry
1,500 and up
Drill a well
35 - 50/ft
Install a submersible well pump and pressure tank
2000 and up
Replace a submersible sump pump
250 and up
Remodel a bathroom
3,500 and up
Install a basement bathroom
3,500 and up
Upgrade aluminium wiring using copper pigtails (house)
Install 220 volt circuit (dryer/stove)
350 and up
Install GFI. on existing circuit
80 and up
Upgrade to 100 amps (includes panel)
1,000 and up
Upgrade to 200 amps (includes panel)
2,000 and up
Install new breaker panel
1,000 and up
Install auxiliary panel
350 and up
Re-wire a whole house
4,200 and up
Insulate attic to R.30
2.00 - 3.50 sq. ft
Insulate walls (blown in)
2.50 - 3.00 sq. ft
Insulate walls from exterior before installing new siding
1.50 - 3.00 sq. ft
Insulate basement walls (framed)
2.00 sq. ft. and up
Install attic vents (static)
175.00 - 250 ea
Install gas high efficiency furnace
3,000 – 4000
Install gas high efficiency furnace
3,000 – 4000
Install rotary attic vents.
300 – 400 ea

The prices shown on these pages are for guidance only. You may or may not be able to obtain services at these prices in your area.

Fairhome Building Inspections does not offer renovation services. You should obtain at least three quotations before awarding any contracts.

We gathered this information from local contractors in 2020.
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