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Thank You's from Some of My Clients:

Dear Martin,

Thanks very much for the extremely detailed report and recommendations.

And also for the photos. It's funny how different yours appear compared to the listing's pictures.

I greatly appreciate your help and no doubt you have saved me from some serious problems.

My husband is convinced that all homes this old will need to be stripped down, but I maintain, as your report also said, that had the roof and other parts been properly maintained, the place wouldn't need such severe action. 

We've gone back to the sellers, tell them the generalities of your findings and offer $60K less. I doubt they'll take it,they'll rather hope someone comes along who doesn't make use of your services. 

Thank you for the extra effort you clearly put into it. I will most likely be requiring your services again at the next place. 

Leigh K.
Dear Martin,

Thank you for the clear and complete inspection report.  Because of the age of the house, were very worried about asbestos.  Thanks to the information you were able provide, but now we understand what it is all about and how to live with it.

Mark B.
Dear Martin,

Thank you for inspecting the property for us. I appreciate how quickly you were able to help us and providing the report and photos, especially online.

L. Dutton.
Dear Martin,

Thanks for all your time and care in doing this inspection for me. I appreciate your professionalism and gentle manner. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone that I know who will need an inspector. Good news re the septic tank-all is good to go!

B. McKinley
Dear Martin,

I am a First Time Buyer of an very old house, and thanks to Martin, I was able to buy with total confidence.

Derek L.
Dear Martin,

Thank you or the extra time you took to make sure we had all the information we needed.  Especially because we didn’t really know what information we needed. We were very nervous as this is our first house.  We feel now that we can make a better informed choice.

MaryAnne L.
Dear Martin,

I know we think a 1975 house is old, and you don’t. Maybe it’s a generation thing. But we want to thank you for the time you took to explain what this house needs.  “All houses need maintenance” you said, but we really appreciated the detail you gave us.  Now we know WHAT maintenance to do first.  And that is comforting.Thanks a lot for a great inspection.  

Warren H.
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